National Supplements for Your Good Health

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Apex Energetics Progesterone has been proven effective in helping women suffering from depression and for helping women who have heavy menstrual bleeding. This all natural product can also be helpful in assisting women in losing unwanted body fat. Many doctors tell their female patients who suffer from PMS to take Apex Energetics Progesterone as it increases progesterone levels.

Carditone Ayush herbs is a dietary supplement which helps support healthy blood pressure. This all natural formulation has a dilating effect on small blood vessels which increase blood flow to the heart. Carditone Ayush herbs, when used as directed, can bring high blood pressure down with very few side effects. This supplement is only useful when a patient’s blood pressure is slightly elevated and is not recommend for use by those with very high blood pressure.

Many doctors tell their patients with high cholesterol to take Barleans Flax Oil. This is a good tasting, fresh flax oil that can bring cholesterol levels within a healthy range and which can improve overall heart health. Barleans Flax oil is also good for the skin, hair and nails. It can also be used to improve joint mobility and bone density. Many people who take this high quality flax oil report that they have benefited by an increased level of energy and endurance.



There’s Ample Room to Roam in London

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However, it is its unparalleled range of open spaces and green areas that help make London such a unique place. Quoted by Time Out Magazine as being one of the greenest capital cities in the world, there is an abundance of parks, gardens and even a battlefield – Barnet – to roam around.
According to research, around 40 per cent of London’s geographical spread is covered by either green space or water. Of this, nearly half is considered to be an important habitat for wildlife. There are more than 600 garden squares, a staggering 148 parks and gardens and 16 city farms on offer, as well as 122 heaths and commons and eight Royal Parks to discover. Additionally, 1,400 areas in and around London have been recognised as Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation.

London’s biggest Royal Park, Richmond Park, is a simply stunning location to explore. Having been identified as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a National Nature Reserve, it is nearly three times bigger than Central Park in New York and is renowned for the red and fallow deer that live there. Packed with huge woodland areas, ponds and streams, it is easy to forget that you are in the middle of a major city.Hampstead Heath is another definite highlight. Covering a massive 790 acres, it is regarded as London’s largest ancient parkland. Offering up superb views across the city from Parliament Hill, it is also possible to take advantage of the swimming ponds available, as well as a number of guided tours. During the summer months, there is even free children’s entertainment on offer at the bandstand.Those looking for action and adventure should head to Wimbledon Common. Almost two times as big as Hampstead Heath, it is an ideal place for hiking, playing golf or indulging in a spot of horse riding. Having been immortalised as the home of the Wombles, it is also the site of a number of rare plants and insects, in addition to being the location for the Thame Hare and Hounds, the world’s oldest cross country running club.All that fresh air and roaming is enough to make anyone hungry and tired. However, with its enormous range of exquisite restaurants and caf├ęs and staggering selection of hostels, guest houses and hostel in london, there is enough choice available to refuel even the most tired of ramblers, ensuring that they’re ready for another day of fun-filled outdoor activity!